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Tannus Armour Tube Protector 29 / 26 / 20 / 700C


Tannus Armour 29 / 26 / 20 / 700C is an insert the wraps around your tube inside of your bicycle tire.IT'S A HELMET FOR YOUR TUBES Installation is a simple additional step when installing your bicycle's tube. TANNUS ARMOUR • Eliminates 90% of all punctures • Easy installation • Run flat capable • Protects your rims Minimum inner rim widt..


Tannus Tubeless Fusion Tyre Insert 29" 27.5"


Sale - Tannus Fusion Tyre Insert for 29" / 27.5" / 700CFusion = Pro + LiteCombine Pro and Lite together in the Tubeless FUSION version to get the highest level of protection, run-flat capability and lateral support. Specific for DH use and for days on the most extreme trails. The Tubeless FUSION version combines the Tubeless LITE 32mm and PRO versi..


Tannus Tubeless Lite Insert 29" 27.5" 700C


Sale - Tannus Lite Tyre Insert for 29" / 27.5" / 700C                                          Racing Bikes - Cyclocross - Gravel - XCThe LITE version allows you to protect the rim and dampen shocks and vibrations without affecting the lateral s..


Tannus Tubeless Pro Insert 29" 27.5"


Tannus Tubeless Pro Tyre Insert is a tubeless tire mousse for 29" 27.5"TANNUS TUBELESS PRO Its unique design with side wings provides extra performance on all terrains. Our world-patented Aither 1.1 technology based on polymers and closed-cell microbubbles makes it lightweight and flexible, yet highly durable. PREVENTS RIM DAMAGE The 20mm o..

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