Route Name:  Hulu Langat <-> Genting Peras.

Location:  Bahulu Classiq, Bt18 Hulu Langat  <-> Genting Peras Signboard, border of Negeri Sembilan and Selangor state .

Total Distance: approx.  39 km

Cycling Time : approx. 2.5 hours (Excluding stops)

Bt18 Hulu Langat is a small town which takes around 40 minutes drive from KL. The 19km uphill from Bt18 Hulu Langat to Genting Peras Signboard is a popular route for cyclists who would like to challenge their endurance limit.

The route is very straight forward as well. Starting from Bahulu Classiq ,Pekan Batu 18 Ulu Langat, cyclists just pedal on to reach Simpang Peras T-junction. The last stretch upon reaching the T-junction is tough and it's known as the "Dead Man" climb (with 8% Gradient). After catching a quick rest, cyclist should make a left turn all the ways up to reach Genting Peras Signboard.  The climb to summit of Genting Peras “officially” starts at the Simpang Peras T-junction. It is a constant climb with gradients ranging from 2.5 - 8%. A word of advice: “Breathe properly, crank slowly, and don’t overexert yourself”.

After recovering from the stress and taking memorable photo with Genting Peras Signboard, cyclists should head back to Bt18 Hulu Langat by the same route.